Provided by Total Praise Productions

Total Praise Studio provides high quality recording and engineering services for your music projects.   The folowing are some of the tools ready to be utilized for your tracking projects:

  • Keyboards:
  • Mircophone & Compressor

Do you need your music transcribed to sheet music? We can prepare your lead sheets, instrument charts, piano & chior charts and many other sheet music configurations. These can be delivered to you via email in PDF and/or Sibelius formats.

  • Lead Sheets
  • Piano & Choir Combinations
  • Chamber Music and Instrumental Combinations
  • Ochestral Scores
Mixing, Mastering & Post-Production
  • Professional Mastering for CD and digital distribution.

Music Performance (Piano & Saxophone)
  • Gospel
  • R&B
  • Straight-ahead Jazz
  • Smooth Jazz
Commercial & Movie Scoring